Terms and Conditions

Limited Liability
TEMS Inc is limited to $0.60 per
pound per article, not to exceed $50.00 per item. If you prefer replacement value insurance you can make arrangements on www.movinginsurance.com. Coverage does not include internal/mechanical damage to appliance, electronic equipment, data storage, computer equipment, or not for loss or damage to fragile articles that are not packed, or that are packed, transported or unpacked by other than employees of this company. We recommend that all appliances and electronic equipment be properly serviced prior to the move.** If no option is indicated prior to the move the former will apply.
All claims must be filed in writing within 3 days after the move; as a condition precedent to claim adjustments or payments, all charges must be paid in full. The company shall have the right to inspect and repair alleged damaged articles.
Your Own Insurance
Contact your own insurance company or choose www.movinginsurance.com and have them cover the full value of your shipment under your own insurance at your cost.
Unforseen Contingencies
All estimates and proposals are contingent to exclusive use of elevators and loading area. TEMS Inc. is not responsible for delays such as those resulting from customer actions or construction activities, elevator failure, or conditions that are out of our control.
Special Circumstances
If goods cannot be delivered in the ordinary way by stair or elevator, the owner agrees to pay an additional charge for hoisting or lowering or other labor or equipment necessary to affect delivery.
Terms of Payment
All charges are strictly Cash after deposit with credit card, If for any reason this matter is referred for collections the customer is responsible for all cost including but not limited to agency fees, attorney fees at and court costs.